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ENGLISH, please!
Web Translation displays automatically in a top left corner of each page, just choose your prefered language and explore FilterHero with no headache.

Yes, we know, Russian - it's complicated! Believe us, even for ourselves.

On FilterHero we are respectful and caring to every foreign visitor we have, this is why we are integrated with Google Website Translator , so you could easier navigate through the beautiful collection of our Artists' filters.
First question you may have: "How much 1000 rubles is in "normal" currency?"
Well. That's not too much. Something around 17$.

FilterHero is made with love and we'll definitely create a full English version of our website soon, but as of now 90% of our audience is russian speaking, so we hope that with Google Website Translator we can help you as much as we can now.

With care and best wishes,
Team FilterHero